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Freddy helped me contact a number of properties all over town.. He was a great help for having the right info for my apartment search, coming from out of state. -Grace M (77007)

I appreciate all of your assistance, Deon! -Vickie S (77382)

Thanks Angelica for your wonderful service! I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends! -Marguerite S (77056)

Freddy provided excellent customer support and services. -Patricia A (77082)

Appreciated the long distance guidance from Deon to a safe place in a huge city. -Pam (77046

Angelica was very prompt at receiving my request, sending me a list of properties, and responding to my text messages! Alexiss C (77084)

Angelica was great and very attentive! Thanks so much for helping us find an apartment! -Emily S (77019)

Angelica went above and beyond to help me find an area of town and the apartment I've been looking for. Moving from another state makes things difficult and overwhelming but she really did an awesome job staying patient with me and ultimately finding the perfect place for me. -Melanie T (77079)

Freddy went out of his way to help me out. Totally loved his customer service and prompt responses. Would surely refer apartments guru to at least 10 of my friends. -Alam R (77494)

Thank you so much for letting us know about this apartment Deon. We can't wait to move in and call it our home. -Michelle H (77388)

Angelica is awesome!! -Parveen B (77384)

Deon was very helpful and responsive during my search.  He answered all of my questions quickly.  -Candice A (77478)

Angelica was very helpful and persistent...she sent listings I could actually choose from so thank you!  -Joy (77043)

Freddy was exceptional in assisting me. He was extremely responsive, informative, and pleasant. It is great to have someone who replies quickly and is eager to help. I plan to refer him and Apartment Gurus to as many people as I can. Thank you so much. -Samina D (77027) 

Deon stayed in touch and was a great help in my apartment search. Justin K (77339)

We love Apartment Gurus! They were a great help! Communication was fast, clear and easy. Angelica did most the worki for us. We found our apartment without all the stress. We just picked and moved! Thanks! -Patricia N (77584)

Thank you for all the help with Alanna and I in finding a new place- Michael and Alanna D (77057)

Angelica was wonderful and super helpful!  Thank you once again!  -Jennifer M (77056)

I wouldn't have found the perfect apartment if it weren't for Angelica. She understood my needs, and followed up to make sure I got exactly what I wanted for the best price possible. I am VERY grateful! -Alanna R (77006)

Angelica was of great help. Thank you! - Michelle and Kevin C (77494)

I moved to Houston last year from another country and Angelica was a lifesaver in helping me find my first apt. My husband and I wanted more space so we decided to move the following year. Angelica helped us again in finding our next home. She always recommends nice places and they all meet our preference. We loved our old home and we are very excited about our new home. Angelica and Apt Gurus are the best!!!- Liz T (77063)


Angelica was awesome -Lloyd R (77056)


Jacky is the most professional and prompt realtor I have ever worked with. Such a reliable pleasure! -Basel S & Tala F (77054)


Jacky helped and really pinpointed exactly what I needed.  She found the perfect apt for me.

-Christopher W (77057)


Jacky did an awesome job with keeping in contact with me and getting me any information in which I needed. -Jacqueline J (77082)


Jacky was extremely helpful and went above and beyond making my move from Kentucky to Houston that much easier! -James H (77027)


Jacky was helpful with making the calls and finding out the availability. -Mahadevan K (77082)


Angelica was wonderful. Would recommend her in a second! Many thanks. -Michael G (77449)


I was recommended to Apt Gurus by Don B - he used your service in 2009 and highly recommended you. -Muneet A (77077)


Jacky was amazing, she was extremely helpful and very nice! -Radi R (77008)


Angelica was a pleasure to work with very helpful and very nice. -Sean P (77077)


Thanks for the help.  Love the new place.  Referred to Jacky by my friend, Arianna who used Jacky's services to find a new place in December. - Shea C (77006)


Jacky was very nice & helpful.  I really enjoyed working with her. -Zachary F (77584)


Apartment Gurus is an excellent service! - Christian N (77063) 


Thanks for your help Angelica! -Rory M (77006)


Very excited, thanks so much for the help Jacky! -Ryan V (77019)


Angelica, was awesome and provided us only effective leads.  She is an asset to your company. -Cindy F (77373)


Angelica was very helpful in my search! -Kim C (77008)


Thanks for your help, Jacky! -Martha G (77054)


Thank you Angelica for all your help! -Katelyn M (77007)


Thanks for the help Angelica! -Victor M (77386)


We would not have leased this apartment if not for Angelica as I was not comfortable with this part of town. But as it was on her list, we viewed them and loved everything. Angelica was wonderful through the process responding so very promptly to all my questions. We appreciate your work and time! -Rebecca G (77003)


Great help finding me a new pad! -Faye P  (77301)


Angelica is AWESOME, she worked hard for me and my family. -Deangelo J (77386)


Apartment Gurus, and Angelica in particular, made the apartment finding experience efficient and effective. -Manuel H (77006)


Thank you for all your help Jacky!!! -Natali W (77007)


Thank you so much for your help Jacky! I loved this apartment! -Alyona S (77063)


Alex was great in service and support. I recommend her services to all my colleagues. -Robert W (77067)


Thanks for the help Mike. I look forward to moving in and you made this process very easy and straight forward. -Abigail E (77027)


Loved working with this company!  -Elizabeth G (77095)


Angelica was an outstanding realtor that went over and beyond to find an apartment that met my request! She was very responsive and diligent  in contacting with me to make sure that everything was taken care of along the process! I recommend her to anyone! -Leslie H (77047)


Was very helpful. A great service! -Cynthia N (77019)


Jacky was a very helpful locater. -Yanna N (77063)


Thanks Angelica for all your help! I am not sure how I would have narrowed down all the choices without your help and expertise.  -Lance B (77008)


Freddy was great help! -Fredy R (77027)


Jacky was wonderful! -Helene R (77054)


Angelica was very helpful, and helped us very quickly. -Benjamin W (77092)


Jacky was great help and excellent customer service! -Justin S (77008)


Angelica has been very nice and helpful for my apt-hunting. Thanks a lot! -Zoey Z (77304)


Angelica always responded quickly and followed through with me until everything was complete. Thank you! -Katherine N (77024)


Jacky was quick in responding to my needs. Her lists accurately displayed apartments with listings that matched my requirements. She definitely saved me a lot of time in my apartment search process. -Ryan F (77019)


Jacky was a huge help in finding the perfect apartment for my family. -Julie S (77339)


Jacky saved me lots of time looking for apartments. She replied fast, gave me a good variety and was honest. I never felt pressured to make a decision. -Andrew O (77054)


I really do want to thank you for all of your help. Trying to figure out this giant move was stressful on its own but your lists (all of them!) really helped narrow down my choices. Thanks so much for taking the time to gather those lists, call them for me, and even give me some pieces of advice! I know I had so many random questions and you were extremely patient with me and just basically awesome.  If anyone asks me for mo ving advice in TX, I am sending them directly to you!  -Mary N  (77494)
Angelica did a wonderful job of helping me locate my apartments! I fell in love with them. -Ashley L (77064)
I am very thankful for having Angelica helping me out and I greatly appreciate it. -Karoline O (77469)
Jacky was great help! -Kristina C (77089)
I really appreciate Jacky reaching out to me and staying in contact with me to help me find an apartment that I can really enjoy. I will be referring her to others. -Jameica B (77449)
I can not thank Jacky enough for her help during my apartment search. She constantly was able to provide me with all the amenities I was looking for.  Jacky is the best! -Natalie M (77081)
Thank you so much for all your help Jacky.  My husband and I really appreciate it. -Tamara Y (77002)
Jacky was wonderful in continuously sending me updated emails with complexes around the area that fit my needs.  I LOVE my new apartment and all of the amenities that come with it.  Will highly recommend her to anyone I know looking for a place! Thank you!
-Brianna M (77081)
Thank you so much for helping me Angelica!! You made it so easy for me to search for an apartment, especially since I don't live in Houston right now and could only search in person for one day! -Rita H (77065)
Angelica was a big help through the process with great suggestions. -Kory E (77024)
Thanks so much for your help Jacky. -Juanita N (77054)
Angelica was great in helping us find an apartment to live in for the summer.  We had very specific qualities we were looking for, and she helped us find all of the properties that fit out wish list.  She definitely made the process a lot easier and much less stressful. -Justin W (77027)
Jacky was very very helpful and answered all of my concerns in a timely manner.  Very happy with the locations that we found! Thank you! -Michael D (77006)
Freddy did a great, great job for us! -Dwight E (77057)
Jacky was AMAZING! Her professionalism, caring attitude and energy was so reassuring during our apartment search. Not to mention lightning fast responses and communication. -Megan S (77081)
Jacky was amazing in helping me find my new place. I am going to refer her to everyone looking for excellent help. -Erica D (77096)
Angelica is awesome! She gave me lots and lots of info that really helped in my apartment search. Especially since I am new to living inside the loop. She made the annoying process of touring apartment after apartment significantly easier and more enjoyable. Thanks Angelica! -Kevin C (77006)
Angelica's work was perfect, no complaints at all. -Jorge M (77478)
Jacky made my search so easy! She was very helpful and help me found the apartment I was looking for with all the things I wanted! -Keren G (77040)
Jacky was excellent help! -Ensy C (77018)
Thank you for all of your help Angelica! Excited to move into my new home! -Olivia R (77006)
Jacky was very helpful! Would definitely recommend her and the website to everybody. -Anastasious B (77007)
Thank you so much for all your help Angelica! -John K (77006)
Relocated to Houston area with my job from east coast and Jacky was very helpful and prompt in helping me find the right property for me.  Thank you.  -Jacqueline H (77380)
Freddy is the best :-) -Linda Y (77077)
Thank you so much again for all of your great help! Alex and I are really excited about this new home. -Cindy M (77070)
Angelica was extremely helpful. -Doug D (77384)
Angelica was really great. -Shannon C (77007)
Awesome job, Jacky! Thanks for your help! -Ramon M (77008)
Very helpful service!!!! I appreciate all of Angelica's help in finding me apartments in my price range in the area I wanted! -Shanette H (77027)
Angelica Sinisi was really helpful. -Chukwudi O (77064)
Thanks so much for your help Angelica!  Having to make this decision remotely from another state is stressful but you helped make it easy! -Annie T (77005)
Thanks for all of the help Jacky! -Megan B (77008)
Thank you Angelica! Wouldn't have found this place without her help. -Melissa P (77019)
Thank you for everything Jacky! -Bonnie B (77008)
Thanks for the great referral Angelica! -Randi S (77008)
The service received from Jacky was excellent.  Thank you for making this a pleasant experience. -Samantha S (77006)
Excellent referral and great help from Angelica. -Elizabeth and Sean S (77471)

Freddy was very helpful! -Heather W (77019)
This is my first time looking for an apartment and it was easier than I thought it would be thanks to Jacky.  Will definitely refer people.  -Joey P (77077)
Freddy was very helpful in finding an affordable place to move to! -Jon and Emily K (77338)
Jacky was a great help! She was so patient with all the changes I needed to make last minute and had great suggestions!  -Alejandra Hernandez (77081)
Jacky did a great job in helping me find a place quickly. -Berat J (77354)
Angelica was a great help and quick to answer any questions asked. -Marquisia Y (77389)

My dream apartment is now mine with the help of the list Angelica sent me with all my requirements! -Camilla R (77007)

Thank you so much!  Angelica made my apartment search experience go much smoother.  My friend appreciates your efforts too.  She found the perfect place for herself. -Orlando C (77008)

Jacky was very attentive to my apt. criteria and always gave me fast accurate responses!  I have referred her to my parents for their move as well. -Whitney W (77449)

These apartments are brand new and gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to living there. Thank you for all of your help, Jacky! -Rebecca R (77389)

Great advice from Jacky for a really nice place. Thanks! -Ryan P (77565)

Angelica helped me out so much. I greatly appreciate all of her help and am excited to move into my new apartment. -Taylor L (77008)

Angelica Amaro has been courteous and professional throughout the entire process.  Apartment Gurus was probably the best decision I made with regard to finding a new place to live.  I received contact from Angelica almost immediately after I submitted my preferences, and after her refinement she produced an output of options just as fast.  And the very FIRST option was the one I settled on after sifting through them all.  I cannot stress how much easier this process was with the assistance of Apartment Gurus.  I would use them again in a heartbeat, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality, reliable apartment referral services. -Barry C (78229)

Thank you, Angelica, for your help! It was great to have you on my side. Effective, quick and the best attention I've ever had! -Tania P (78723)

 I am very thankful to Angelica Amaro for helping me find my new home!  I will refer to all I know. -Cole N (77077)

Jacky was SO attentive!  She kept me on top of the apartment search! -Kelsey F (77018)

She's an awesome locator!! I now get why everyone was praising her so highly. -Apryl S (77090)

Angelica was really helpful and suggested a lot of places. -Jyra B (77006)

She was super helpful and prompt! Thank you! -Isha K (77006)

Thanks for the help with the process! -Mary-Ann J (77006)

Angelica such a pleasant person to work with! -Brooke R (77494)

Angelica was awesome! She helped me find a great apartment and I was able to close on it in less than a week! -Jonathan S (77018)
Jacky was a great help and always had fast answers. -Jorge G (77006)
Angelica was amazing, and did a great job helping me to find the perfect apartment for me. -Andrew G (77007)
Angelica did a really good job of getting me a list quickly and checking pricing for me. -Clifton F (77407)
Working with Jacky was so simple! We gave her so many apartments to look at for us and she always came back with answers quickly! I will be sure to use Apartment Gurus again the next time I move! -Danielle P (77573)
Jacky made the process smooth and easy process. -Veronica S (77057)
Jacky was great! Extremely helpful and quick to respond with suggestions! -Erika R (77584)
Thanks for the help Jacky!!! -Tracy B (78251)
Thank you for your help, Jacky!! Drew and I look forward to moving into this apartment. :) -Alyona S (77070)
Great deal and great find thanks for everything Angelica! -Stefan G (77056)

Thank you for your help, Jacky.  You helped make this process much easier. -Sarah C (77054) 

Jacky is great! She is quick to respond and is available throughout the whole process! -Rachel G (77005)

Thanks again for all the help Jacky. You made my move so much easier. Quick response time, great service.  -Rishi G (77056)

Angelica was very helpful and great with the follow-up! -Erika R (77095)

Jacky was a huge help in my search and I appreciate everything she has done for me! -Christina P (75231)

Angelica was very helpful and checked in every week to see how our search was going, even as the search continued for more than a month! -Jennifer S (77054)


Angelica was very helpful! Found the area we wanted to be in and was very quick with finding out answers we had. -Michael P (75206)

Angelica was very helpful from the very beginning. She listened to our requests and was very quick turning around information. We are very thankful for her superior customer service. -Jorge P (77006)

Angelica was very helpful at sending me different lists of places to look into!  -Audrey W (77584)

So glad we found a place to call home with most of our hearts desires and within a budget we can afford. One of the best days ever! Thanks Jacky. -Cristal B (77477)

Angelica worked really hard for me, checking in often to see how my search was going and if she could check into any other places for me. -Kimberly J (77084)

Jacky was great in helping us and reminding us about the rebate forms.  We are very happy with Apartment Gurus. -Mark R (77008)

Jacky was very helpful and made my move a lot easier. -Jerren (77027)

It was great to get information from apartmentgurus and it really saved my time and effort. Thanks. -Akshay K (77063)

This is a great and very helpful service! Angelica was very quick and provided needed detailed information about available apartments. -Egor D (77004) 

Angelica helped me a great deal in getting this apt lease done. She was quick to answer my questions, really responsive with emails and nice to talk to. Thanks a ton!! -Alok V (77002)

Definitely will tell all of my friends to use y'all! -Brittney W (77007)

Jacky was extremely helpful and quick! I will use her again and refer her to anyone I can. Thanks again Jacky! -Jasmin C (77056)

Jacky is very knowledgeable of the apartments on her list. Jacky is very professional, return calls in a timely manner. One of the best apartment locator I have dealt with. Jacky listen to what her clients needs are, and she matches you up very well. -Cheryl L (77090)

Had a pleasure working with Angelica she found exactly what I needed. -Ayo O (77008)

Angelica was prompt and helpful in my search for a new apartment home. -Hieu Huynh (77584)

Thank  you for helping and being very very patient Jacky! -Kevin P (77584)  


Angelica Amaro did an excellent job referring me to homes that matched my search criteria. She was great following up with making sure that I receiving her recommendations  as well as after I had a chance to visit them in person. I would give Angelica 6 out of 5 stars and I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends and family in the future! -Brian H (77077) 


I have recently moved to Houston and Angelica was extremely helpful in helping me find an apartment. All the options she proposed met the requirements I gave her. I was able to find an apartment in less than a week of our correspondence and it was from her top 3 picks! My husband also loves the apartment very much which is another big plus!  The location is great for us. Not too far from work and also a good location to shops and restaurants. Thank you so much Angelica for all your help in helping me find my new home. I really love it very much! - Liz T (77008)


Jacky was lightning fast in her work and responses to me. -Christopher W (77054)



Thank you for all your help with my apartment search Jacky, I really like the new place! -Tyler B (77598)


Thanks so much for all the help! You made this process a lot easier! -Katelyn W (77006)


Angelica you're the best and you have no idea how much help you've been! Thank you so much! -Lidia V 77379 


Jacky did a wonderful job trying to accommodate everything on our wish list and was so patient when we were going back and forth between complexes! -Lauren S (77027)


I appreciate all Angelica's help, thank you. -Crystal G (77079) 


This is the easiest way to find a apt. In Houston I had been looking for 2 months and was not really getting thing accomplished, after going to apt gurus I found a place within 3 days, Angelica was great -Ellis B (77049) 


Freddy was very helpful in directing us towards the right kinds of places for us. -William S (77077)


Angelica was very patient. Angelica would always check in  to see how's everything going. Angelica responded  very fast to my emails and what I was looking for. Angelica was able to get me a great deal at my apartment . Please give Angelica a raise. -Jessica W (77008) 


Angelica Amaro was great as well as the website searching.  Very helpful in my decision making process. -Derrick P (77007) 


My apartment guru, Angelica,  has been excellent. There were serveral changes in my apartment search and my guru accepted all of the challenges with open arms.  -Warren H (77096)

Angelica was amazing! Thank you for all of your help! -Chelsea W (77082)


I am brand new to the Houston area, and working with Angelica made my apartment hunt easy and fun! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her and find the perfect spot for me. Thank you! -Amy M (77019)


We appreciate the extensive searching Freddy did for us. I believe we found the perfect place. Will definitely use Apt Gurus in the future. Thank you  -Gregory P (77384)


Angelica went above and beyond to help me find an area of town and the apartment I've been looking for. Moving from another state makes things difficult and overwhelming but she really did an awesome job staying patient with me and ultimately finding the perfect place for me.

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