South Lamar (SoLa) Apartments


SoUth Lamar (SoLa) Apartments & Rentals

Sitting on one of Austin’s busiest boulevards, South Lamar is a hip, diverse neighborhood peppered with unique rentals and modern apartment complexes. As a South Austin hotspot located just five minutes from Downtown, SoLa is always buzzing with activity from locals and visitors alike.

Foodies love dining in the renowned restaurants lining South Lamar Blvd, where they can feast on anything from award-winning food truck cuisine to local BBQ, ethnic fare, and much more. Night owls enjoy reveling in local saloons, breweries, and bars, which feature handcrafted beverages and live music.

While SoLa boasts top-rated local schools, it also offers many opportunities for work, both locally and for commuters who want to live near but outside of the busier Downtown area.

And that’s not all—South Lamar also has plenty of options for enjoying the outdoors and getting fresh air! That’s because SoLa is just moments away from Barton Creek, the Barton Springs Greenbelt, and dozens of parks and trails.

With its affordable cost of living, exceptional rental options, and trendy local shops and restaurants, it’s easy to see why so many people love calling South Lamar home! 

If you’re searching for the perfect apartment in Austin’s SoLa district, you’ll have plenty of options boasting outstanding amenities. From affordable one-bedroom apartments to family-friendly townhouses, SoLa rentals are well-suited for nearly any lifestyle!


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