Best Dog Parks in Houston

Dog parks are great places for dogs to romp off the leash, socialize, and have fun! Whether you have a small or large dog – or your puppy loves long runs or playing in the water, Houston has a lot of terrific dog parks you and your dog are sure to enjoy! To help you find some good options to try out, here’s a look at the top 5 dog parks in Houston (in no particular order).

1. Johnny Steele Dog Park in Buffalo Bayou Park

2929 Allen Pkwy – Open daily 7am to 8pm

Spanning two acres from Allen Parkway to Montrose Boulevard, Johnny Steel Dog Park is one of the most popular attractions in Buffalo Bayou Park. It has separate areas for small and large dogs, complete with a pond that has a center water feature and is surrounded by a secure retaining wall. Trees and shaded seating areas offer some space for owners to relax while their dogs have fun in the sun.

2. Maxey Park

601 Maxey Road – Open Daily from Dawn until Dusk

Maxey Park, which holds the honor of being Houston’s second official dog park, has large, open grassy spaces peppered with trees, benches, doggie drinking fountains, and trash cans. It also boats:

  • A doggie shower
  • Fenced-in areas so dogs can play off the leash
  • Separate areas for small and large dogs.

3. TC Jester Dog Park

4201 TC Jester Blvd. – Open Daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Spanning 1.08 acres, TC Jester Park has some of the largest doggie enclosures among any of the dog parks in Houston. The large dog enclosure is 31,000 square feet (sf), and the small dog enclosure is 16,000 sf.

Both have open spaces with lots of shade and trees, as well as doggie drinking fountains and benches. They also have water hookups so you can bring your own water features, like kiddie pools or sprinklers, for your dog (and others) to play with.

4. West Webster Dog Park

1913 Gillette St. – Open Daily from Dawn until Dusk

If you want to keep your dog away from water and mud, visit West Webster Dog Park! It has a large open area for dogs to run and socialize, along with a 5,000-sf dog run, a doggie water fountain, benches, and a convenient waste disposal station.

5. Ervan Chew Park

4502 Dunlavy – Open Daily from Dawn until Dusk

Spanning about 9,000 sf in the Museum District, Ervan Chew Park is one of the oldest dog parks in Houston. It’s geared towards small dogs, offering wide open, mulch-covered spaces for playing, romping, and letting loose.  Owners can rest in the ample shade and available seating, socializing or playing with their dogs.

Ervan Chew Park is also great for families, with an adjacent picnic area and spray ground for children. In the summer, many visitors bring kiddie pools and fill them with water, letting kids and dogs have fun in the water and the sun on hot days!

Want to explore some other fun dog park options in Houston? Check out this list of dog parks from the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

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