5 Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Houston

5 Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Houston

Do you love taking your dog out with you? Well, Houston has an array of dog friendly options that let you bring your pooch to breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or even a dinner date! Through the Paws on Patios program in Houston, dozens of bars and restaurants have permits for dogs, meaning you can always find somewhere to eat out and socialize with your dog in the Houston area. Here’s a handful of some of the top-rated, dog friendly bars and restaurants to try out in Houston.

1. Barnaby’s Cafe

Dog friendly for years, Barnaby’s Café has eight locations across Houston. Some just serve breakfast, others serve all meals, but all welcome you and your dog! Whether you want to enjoy some lunch with your dog on an outdoor patio or you’re looking for a comfortable place to enjoy a glass wine with your pooch, Barnaby’s has tasty options starting at around $5.

2. Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen

If you’re looking for some authentic Mexican cuisine in a setting that welcomes you and your dog, try out Cyclone Anaya’s! It boasts five locations in Houston (and a sixth in The Woodlands), along with a full menu of Mexican delights and a complete bar. Known for its historical ties to the pro wrestling circuit, Cyclone Anaya’s is also popular for its dog friendly atmosphere.

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3. Giacomo Cibo e Vino

Giacomo’s is a laidback neighborhood Italian café serving small dishes with big flavors. Selected as one of “Houston’s Essential 25” restaurants, Giacomo invites you and your dog to enjoy a unique dining experience. Plus, when you order a seasonal dessert, Giacomo’s will donate the profits to the Rescued Pets Movement!

4. Killen’s BBQ

Named as one of the America’s best BBQ restaurants by prizewinning pitmasters, Killen’s BBQ opened in 2013, offering favorites like brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and more. Dogs are welcome to join their owners for some tasty BBQ fare at Killen’s downhome picnic table dining area in front of the restaurant. In fact, bringing your dog may be a great way to enjoy the wait outside, have fun company for your meal, and then clean up the scraps after!

5. Front Porch Pub

Offering more than 44 draft beers, a full bar, and a relaxed atmosphere, the Front Porch Pub has a spacious outdoor seating area that’s the perfect place to enjoy a happy hour, trivia night, a meal, and some social time with your dog. Since opening its doors in 2000, the Front Porch Pub has become a popular spot for dog owners and pub enthusiasts alike!

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