Houston Luxury Apartment Reviews

Houston Luxury Apartment Reviews

Whenever it’s time to find a new apartment in Houston, online reviews can be enlightening. They offer important information that you probably won’t find on a community’s website. From amenities and security to management, maintenance, and more, online reviews can point out things you want and need to know before you decide to check a place out in person (or sign a lease!).

If you’re looking for a highly rated luxury apartment community in Houston, here are the top 3 options based on online reviews.

  1. One Park Place

Boasting a 5-star rating on Apartments.com and a 4.7-star rating on Google, One Park Place is one of the highest rated luxury apartment communities in Houston. With thoughtfully designed, modern units and an array of unparalleled amenities, including 24/7 concierge and valet service, it’s easy to see why residents have posted such great reviews about One Park Place.

  1. Aris Market Square

With 5-star ratings on Apartments.com and Google, Aris Market Square is another top-rated upscale apartment community that offers some of the best conveniences, features, and amenities. From the vinyl listening room and the breathtaking pool to the pet grooming parlor and much more, Aris Market Square seems to have earned its top ratings by infusing “excellence into every single day.”

  1. 3800 Main

With 5 stars on Apartments.com and 4 stars on Google, 3800 Main has earned its top ratings with an array of high-end amenities. It boasts a resort-style pool with a sundeck, as well as an ultramodern 24-hour fitness studio, a resident sky lounge, a gourmet demonstration kitchen, and much more.

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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Checking Out Online Reviews for Houston Apartments

  1. Check out reviews on more than one site – Google, Yelp, and Apartments.com are just some of the top options to check out when you’re searching for reviews for luxury apartment communities in Houston. As you look through reviews, check out at least two different sources. This will give you a better perspective on what people are saying about the options you’re considering.
  2. Look for reviews that mention features you want or need – What amenities are the most important to you? Whether a modern fitness center, a dog park, or in-unit amenities are at the top of your list, make sure to check out reviews that specifically discuss these features. This can be really insightful when it comes to assessing whether features truly meet your standards – or if you should keep searching.
  3. Look at the dates – How recent are the reviews you’re checking out? Generally, the more recent, the better. As a good rule of thumb, you’ll probably want to focus on reviews that have been posted within the last three months.
  4. See how many ratings go into the “star” system – If there are only a couple of reviews factoring into the number of stars for a particular Houston apartment, you may not want to put too much weight into that rating.
  5. Make sure reviews are just the starting point – Though apartment reviews can help you figure out more about the pros and cons of different apartment communities, it’s always best to see your top options in person so you can decide for yourself.

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