Houston Luxury Apartments with EV Charging Stations

Your next luxury apartment in Houston may come with a lot more than just high-end amenities inside your rental. It can also offer some convenient extras that make it easier to stay on the go. In fact, if you own an electric vehicle, there are several Houston luxury apartments that have EV charging stations readily available for residents. Here’s a closer look at which high-end apartments communities in Houston offer this unique amenity.

7 Luxury Apartments in Houston That Have EV Charging Stations

Several great upscale apartments in Houston have electric vehicle chargers, along with other parking-related amenities. Here are some of the best options to check out when you need access to an EV charger at your next rental:

  1. The Southmore: Located in the Museum District, The Southmore has multiple electric vehicle charging stations located in its 10,000-ft.2 private parking area. Plus, The Southmore offers residents valet parking service.
  2. One Hermann Place: Another option for upscale living with convenient access to EV chargers is One Hermann Place. Also in the Museum District, this community provides easy, direct access to garage parking, as well as reserved parking spaces and shuttle service to nearby areas if your vehicle needs to stay plugged in when you need to get out.
  3. The Ivy Park Place: If you’re looking for a luxury high-rise in River Oaks that’s equipped with EV charging stations, check out The Ivy Park Place. While this community has a gated parking area peppered with EV chargers, it also has private garages for some units.
  4. Eighteen25 Downtown: With multi-level parking and convenient access to EV charging stations, Eighteen25 Downtown is another luxe apartment community where you can easily charge your electric vehicle while enjoying some of the finest amenities available.
  5. Windsor Memorial: Nestled in Memorial Heights, the Windsor Memorial is another luxury high-rise that has some spectacular amenities related to parking. In addition to providing electric vehicle charging stations, this high-rise also provides reserved parking, garage parking for guests, and 1- and 2-car private garages.
  6. The Millennium High Street: Boasting some of the best eco-friendly amenities around, The Millennium High Street has EV chargers, as well as preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles. This community also offers a ridesharing program if you want to get in on a carpool with other residents who work in the same area you do.
  7. The Sovereign: Where Downtown and River Oaks meet lies The Sovereign, which boasts several EV charging stations, as well as valet parking and concierge car detailing services.

In addition to luxury apartments with EV chargers, you can also find EV charging stations throughout the Greater Houston area here.

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