5 Must-Try Restaurants in Houston’s EaDo Neighborhood

Are you a foodie who loves finding great local eats? Are looking for a trendy restaurant for your next date night? Or are you just looking for something new on the EaDo dining scene?

If so, here’s a handful of must-try restaurants we think you’ll love. These top-rated EaDo eateries serve up some of the best dining options that are sure to wow your palate! 

1. Nancy’s Hustle

This modern bistro serves New American cuisine, fine wine, and signature cocktails. Open for dinner and late-night dining, Nancy’s Hustle has small, medium, and large plate options, featuring everything from fish and burgers to rabbit, lamb, and more.

If you save room for dessert, you’ll be equally delighted by delectable options like parmesan cheesecake and the chocolate torte. Nancy’s Hustle has been such a crowd-pleasing favorite that it has 4.8 stars on Google and 4.5 stars on Yelp.

2. Truck Yard

If you want a more low-key place to enjoy tasty food in a fun atmosphere, you’ve got to visit EaDo’s Truck Yard. It’s known for its cheesesteaks, craft brews, and novelty cocktails. And it’s just as popular for its vibrant scene! As a self-professed “adult playground,” the Truck Yard has everything from karaoke rooms and a Ferris wheel to live music events, complete with local food trucks.

At the Truck Yard, you can come as you are! That’s probably why it has 4.6 stars on Google and 4 stars on Yelp.

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3. Seaside Poke

Using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, Seaside Poke is another hot spot on the EaDo dining scene. It offers signature poke bowls, with a new specialty bowl featured every month. If you want to go your own way, you can also build your own poke bowl, choosing from ingredients like yellowtail, tuna, salmon, and more!

This favorite Hawaiian-style eatery is so popular that it’s earned 4.7 stars on Google and 4.5 stars on Yelp. 

4. Rodeo Goat

When you want to sink your teeth into a mind-blowingly delicious burger, make a stop by Rodeo Goat. With 20 different burger options plus an array of local craft beers and fine cocktails, there are options to delight any appetite and any palate – including vegetarians!

Open for lunch and dinner, Rodeo Goat boasts 4.6 stars on Google and 4.5 stars on Yelp. 

5. Indianola

Serving lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, Indianola offers modern American cuisine, featuring everything from salads and burgers to steaks, fish, and more. The diverse menus are filled with a variety of fresh options, which can be paired with their fine wines, locally brewed beers, or signature cocktails. Plus, they even have a special kids’ menu!

Whether you’re looking for a great date night place or family-friendly fine dining, Indianola won’t disappoint! That’s why it has 4.6 stars on Google and 4 stars on Yelp.

While these are some of the best places to eat in Houston’s EaDo neighborhood, there are also many great places to live in this area.

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