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So, you’re on the hunt for renting a new apartment. That probably means you’re focused on locations, amenities, moving, and much more.

All of that’s essential, of course. But there’s one thing many renters overlook when they’re apartment hunting—and it can cost them hundreds of dollars!

That mistake? It’s how they look for their apartment and whether they choose to work with an agency or work directly with an apartment complex.

Here’s why that matters—and how working with the right agency can put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket when you sign a lease.

Why It’s Better to Rent Through an Agency Versus an Apartment Complex

For most people, finding a new apartment is a chore. It’s another thing to take care of. And it takes a lot of work—from finding listings to visiting properties, packing, cleaning your old place, and more, moving can suck up a good chunk of your time and money.

An apartment complex can’t help you with any of that! An agency can, however.

In fact, when you work with an agency to find your next apartment in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or anywhere in Texas, you’ll get three major benefits. You will:

  1. Save time: With an agency, you won’t have to dig through countless listings or search a bunch of rental websites day after day. Instead, you’ll tell an agency what you’re looking for, and the agency will send you listings, tailored to your exact needs! That means you’ll only be looking at options that match your criteria, and you won’t waste time looking at apartments that’ll never work for you.
  2. Find exactly what you want: Do you need a dog-friendly apartment? Do you want certain amenities? Or do you need an apartment in a specific location under a set price? That’s no problem when you’re working with a rental agency! Why? Because the agency can hone in on the top options for you. That means you won’t have to compromise on what you want or need in your next apartment. You’ll get expert help finding exactly what you want!
  3. Save money: When was the last time you saved money while moving? For most people, never is the answer to that question! If you work with an agency like Apartment GURUS, however, you CAN get cash back when you sign a lease. That’s because Apartment GURUS will split the commission with you. So, you’ll get half the commission we get from an apartment complex when you sign a lease. That can mean up to $500 CASH BACK for you!

Ready to Work With a Top-Rated Rental Agency in Texas? Contact Apartment GURUS

Apartment GURUS has been a leading apartment locating agency in Texas for more than 10 years. We make it easy and convenient to find the apartment of your dreams, no matter what neighborhood you have your eye on—and no matter what your criteria may be!

Our process is simple and 100% FREE for apartment hunters. Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell us what you want and need.
  2. We find options, perfectly matched to your search criteria, and send them directly to your inbox for FREE.
  3. We give you cash back when you sign a lease after working with us!

You can get up to $500 cash back when you work with Apartment GURUS! That can go a long way towards covering moving costs, buying new furniture, and more!

We’re ready to start helping you find the perfect apartment! To see how we’ve helped other apartment hunters—and to find out how our program can work for you, check out some of our excellent reviews.

And don’t forget to check out our latest deals, specials, and listings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We look forward to helping you find your next place to live!

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