When Is the Best Time to Rent a Luxury Apartment?

If you have some flexibility with your next apartment search, there CAN be better times than others to look for rentals. In fact, you may have more or fewer options — and better deals or higher rates — based on when you’re looking and your target move-in date.

So, when is the best time to rent your next luxury apartment?

It depends on what you need and want, both in terms of your search and your next apartment home.

Best Seasons to Rent a Luxury Apartment: Fall & Winter vs. Spring & Summer

In general, there’s not a bad time to search for a rental, but there can be better or worst times if you have your mind set on getting the best deal and/or finding the ideal apartment.

To help you figure out the best timing for your apartment hunt, here’s a look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of renting in the fall or winter versus the spring or summer.

Fall & Winter Apartment Searches: Better Rates

Warmer months, from spring to summer, tend to be the hottest seasons for apartment searches. So, many landlords and property management companies offer better move-in deals and lower rates from roughly October to March.

With fewer renters looking for apartments during the fall and winter seasons, there can also be better opportunities to negotiate deals, like waiving pet deposits, for example.

A couple of things to remember about fall and winter apartment searches, though, are that:

  1. You may have to move in the rainy or cold weather.
  2. You may not have as much inventory to choose from because many renters are already locked into leases.

Spring & Summer Apartment Searches: Better Inventory

Spring and summer are typically the times that leases end, especially for college students and families with school-aged children. That means several rentals will become newly available during the spring and summer, opening up a huge inventory and several more options.

For renters who want very specific features in their next unit — and for those who want to move into highly sought-after neighborhoods or popular apartment communities — timing the apartment hunt for these seasons can be a smart idea.

Remember, though, that spring and summer can be competitive times to rent. So, you may have to act fast or be more proactive with your search to avoid losing your dream apartment to another renter who gets their application in first.

Best Times to Rent a Luxury Apartment: 3 More Factors to Keep in Mind

Beyond seasonality, timing your apartment search can also involve some other factors, like the ones below. These details can also help you perfectly time your next apartment hunt:

  1. Best time of the month to start an apartment search: If you start looking for apartments around the 5th of the month (or right after), you can swoop in right after landlords have received 30-day notices from tenants. That means you’ll have more options at any given complex and that units may open up in communities that were fully occupied before.
  2. Big city apartment searches: If you’re apartment hunting in a bigger urban area, like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin, the rental market can be hot and happening all year. While that can mean there’s never really an inventory shortage, it also means you can expect to pay a bit more for the most popular rentals in the heart of the city versus apartments in the suburbs.
  3. How far in advance to start an apartment search: Two months ahead of your target move-in date is generally a good time to get your apartment hunt underway. That can give you plenty of time to research the area, different apartment communities, and more. It can also give you time to find the best local apartment locators to help you simplify your search and find your dream apartment faster!

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