16 of the Best U.S. Cities for Renters Are in Texas

In 2020, These Texas Cities Are Ideal for Renters, Market Experts Say

Renting can be a breeze or a nightmare, depending on where you’re at. If you’re a renter in Texas, you’re in for some good news—you have your pick of cities offering attractive rental options, affordable rates, and great quality of life!

That’s according to a recent report from WalletHub. It ranks the top 182 cities in the U.S. for renters, based on expert analyses of market conditions, rental prices, and quality of life.

Sixteen cities in Texas made the list. That makes Texas second (just behind California) for having the most cities ranked as the “best places to rent in 2020.”

Best Texas Cities for Renters

To evaluate and rank the best cities for renters across the nation, experts broken down the categories of the “local rental market” and “quality of life” into several subcategories to evaluate specific factors, like the:

  • Affordability of rentals: The cities to make the list were about three times less expensive in terms of rental prices when compared to the worst places to rent in the U.S.
  • Median rent growth forecast: The best cities in this category had median rent growth forecasts that were, on average, about 40 times lower than the forecasts for the cities on the “worst places to rent” list.
  • Rental vacancy rate: There are about 11 times more rental vacancies in the best cities when compared to the worst cities, for renters.
  • Rent-to-price ratio: This ratio is about six times lower in the best city list when compared to the worst city list.
  • Cost of living: In the best cities for renters, the cost of living is about three times lower than it is when compared to the worst cities for renters.

After analyzing these factors, here are the 16 cities in Texas that were recognized as the best places for renters in 2020, with the WalletHub ranking following each:

    • El Paso, TX – #23
    • Austin, TX – #42
    • Amarillo, TX – #47       
    • Plano, TX – #67
    • San Antonio, TX – #73
    • Corpus Christi, TX – #77
    • Arlington, TX – #88
    • Grand Prairie, TX – #91
    • Fort Worth, TX – #93
    • Houston, TX – #104
    • Brownsville, TX – #132
    • Irving, TX – #147          
    • Lubbock, TX – #149
    • Laredo, TX – #153
    • Garland, TX – #160
    • Dallas, TX – #163

Source: WalletHub

Texas Cities With Lowest Cost of Living

While Texas cities ranked well across the board, they swept the cost of living category, taking 3 of the top 5 spots. The Texas cities ranking in the top five for lowest cost of living include:

  • Brownsville – #1
  • Laredo – #2
  • Amarillo – #5

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