When Is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

The Best Time to Rent Depends on What You’re Looking for & Where You Want to Rent

Apartment hunting isn’t just about finding the perfect rental. It’s also about finding the right place at the right price. Depending on when you’re looking for a rental, that can be easier—or more challenging—during certain times of the year.

Of course, sudden life changes can mean that you may not always be able to time your apartment hunt perfectly. If you do have some leeway on the timing, however, here’s what you need to know to time your apartment search just right so that:

  • You have more options to choose from.
  • You have better chances of getting a better deal on rent.
  • You’re able to save more money with your next apartment.

Best Time to Rent an Apartment: 4 Things to Consider

In reality, the best time to look for rentals can be different for different people in different areas. To figure out the ideal timing for your apartment hunt, consider these factors.

1. Inventory

As a general rule of thumb, rental rates tend to be lower during the winter, and inventories are usually higher in the summer.

So, while budget-conscious renters may want to time their apartment searches for October through around March, renters who want more options and have very specific preferences will probably be better served by looking for rentals from April through around September.

2. Location

Local schools, organizations, and industries can all impact the availability and cost of rentals in a given area.

For example, college towns can see inventory surges in summer months while cities that are homes to national sports teams may see inventories rise during the off-season. In beach towns, however, rental prices can soar in the summer months while inventories plummet.

3. Weather

If you live in and/or will be moving to a location with dramatic weather changes from season to season, think about the conditions that could impact your apartment search and/or move.

Anything from hurricanes to 100˚ temperatures could in the forecast, depending on where you’re at. So, factor this element into the timing for your apartment search and subsequent move.

4. Your living situation

If your lease will be up soon or you need to be out of your current place by a specific date, try to start your search at least 4 to 6 weeks before your move-out date.

This can help ensure you have plenty of time to search for listings, check out rentals, and plan for your upcoming move.

Best Times to Rent an Apartment in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio & Austin

If you’ll be moving in or to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin, TX, here’s what you should generally know about peak seasons, inventories, and apartment searches:

  • More inventory is usually available from March to September: Consequently, more apartment hunters are usually on the scene during the summer.
  • Rental prices tend to drop by ~1 to 4% during the winter months or off-season: In fact, landlords and apartment complexes tend to offer move-in specials, like reduced or no rent for one or more months to entice renters to sign leases during the off-season.
  • It’s possible to save time and money on your next apartment search in Texas no matter when you’re looking: Apartment GURUS offers free help to Texas renters, sending them the best listings, tailored to their exact criteria. Plus, when renters sign a lease after working with us, we’ll split our commission with them!

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