Moving to Austin? How to Find an Apartment in Austin

Don’t make your apartment hunt hard than it has to be. Use these helpful tips to find the best options for your next home in Austin—if you do, you’ll save a lot of time, stress, and energy in the process!

How to Find a Great Apartment in Austin: What to Do Before You Start Looking

  1. Determine your rent budget: Figure out what you can realistically pay in rent, in light of your other monthly financial obligations. This can help you figure out the upper limit if your price range and whether you may want to get a roommate to offset some of the living costs.
  2. Save enough for the deposit and moving costs: Monthly rent is just one expense you’ll need to be prepared for. When you do find the right apartment, you’ll also need to put down a deposit and the first month’s rent. Plus, moving into the new place will inevitably some money, whether you need to buy moving supplies, rent a truck, or simply purchase new items to outfit your apartment.
  3. List out exactly what you’re looking for (& what you’re deal breakers are): Having a clear idea of what you do and don’t want in your next apartment is a great way to narrow down the options and make the apartment search go much faster. Location, amenities, and on-site services are all key things to consider as you think about what you must—and must not—have in your next apartment.
  4. Prep your application materials: Get a copy of recent paystubs, a list of places you’ve rented from in the past, and letters of reference together. Also, make multiple copies of your ID and letters of reference for any pets you’ll be moving with. If you have all of these items ready to go, you can immediately apply for an apartment. This can be especially helpful during the busy spring and summer seasons when demand sharply increases and the competition among apartment hunters can get fierce.

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How to Find the Perfect Austin Apartment: What to Do During Your Search

  1. Take online tours and visit each of your top options: While online tours can narrow down the options to go and see, visiting communities in person can also be a real eye-opener. During your in-person visit, be sure to look at a floor plan similar to what you’d be choosing, and scope all of the community amenities to make sure they deliver what’s been promised online.
  2. When visiting your top options, ask questions and take someone with you: Make a list of questions before your visit, and take a friend or family member with you, so they can also ask questions. Having another pair of trusted eyes can be super helpful. While your friend or relative may spot things you haven’t noticed, (s)he may also ask about things you haven’t even considered.
  3. Hunt for move-in deals: If you keep an eye out for these deals, you can save hundreds in the first month’s rent and/or get some cash back to help you cover your moving costs. In addition to move-in specials, ask about referral specials if you’ve been referred to a community by a friend or loved one. This can be a great way to recoup moving costs and make the entire process a little less financially stressful.
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