Moving to Houston? How to Find an Apartment in Houston

Finding the best apartment in Houston to make your next home can be overwhelming, especially when you’re working or going to school, packing up your old place, and still trying to have some fun in between.

With the right plan of action, however, finding an apartment in Houston can be easy! To help you zero in on the best options for you, here are a handful of essential tips. These can help you save time, energy, and stress, making any move much easier!

Tip 1: Figure out your budget.

Don’t start checking apartments out before you know what you can afford in monthly rent. Knowing your budget upfront can narrow down the options while helping you avoid getting attached to apartments that may not be financially realistic for you.

As you thinking about your rent budget, make sure you’re also considering:

  • The deposit costs, which you’ll have to pay upfront
  • Additional monthly bills associated with living costs, like utility and internet bills
  • Other monthly expenses you currently have, like student loans, cellphone bills, car payments, etc.
  • How much disposable income you want or need after covering your monthly bills.

Tip 2: Choose your top neighborhoods and other search criteria.

Create a list of everything you’re looking for in your next apartment. Along with location preferences, include other “must-haves,” like whether or not you want a(n):

  • Location next to public transportation
  • Pool and fitness center
  • Pet-friendly community
  • On-site services, like valet, concierge, or even room services
  • Specific in-unit amenities, like a gourmet kitchen, vaulted ceilings, or security systems.

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Tip 3: Get your application documents ready ahead of time.

When you find an apartment you want, you’ll likely need to:

  • Complete an application provided by the apartment complex
  • Provide supporting documents, like a bank statement or paystubs, letters of reference, a copy of your ID, and possibly other things.

If you have supporting documents all ready to go, applying for an apartment will be quick and easy—and it may even give you a competitive edge, letting you submit your application ASAP if there are multiple people applying for the same apartment.

Tip 4: Look for move-in specials and deals.

Lots of Houston apartments offer money back, reduced rates for the first few weeks, or even prepaid gift cards as signing bonuses for new residents. So, make sure to shop around and try to find a deal as hunt for your next apartment.

Generally, the best move-in specials are available for:

  • Brand new communities that have lots of units to fill
  • The offseason, which is usually during the winter months.

Tip 5: Take advantage of FREE help from local pros.

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