What is a Penthouse & Should I Rent One?

Penthouse apartments are usually the crown jewels of luxury apartment communities. Known for their exclusivity and luxury, penthouses aren’t necessarily top-floor apartments — and they can differ widely across different high-rises, management groups, locations, and more.  

So, what do you really get with a penthouse?

What sets the penthouse apart from the standard rental?

Where do you find penthouses in Texas and how much are they going to cost?

And is it really worth it to rent the penthouse?

The answers to those questions (and more) are in this insider’s guide to Texas penthouse apartments, put together by 5-star apartment locators.

Penthouse Apartments Defined: What’s a Penthouse?

“Penthouse” is used fairly loosely these days to describe a range of different apartments (or accommodations). That means that there are no standard set of features, amenities, layouts, or qualities that penthouse apartments share across the board.

Consequently, when a landlord or property management company talks about their “penthouse,” they’re simply referring to the rental that is the most spacious and/or the most luxurious in the community.

Some other key points to know about penthouse apartments:

  • Some apartment communities only have one penthouse while others may offer a few (or more).

  • The added luxury of a penthouse can come in the form of additional amenities, amazing views, recent upgrades, special services, and other unique offerings.

  • The penthouse is generally the most expensive rental in an apartment community.

  • Not all apartment communities offer penthouse rentals. Most upscale and newer rentals —especially the luxury apartments in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas — do, though.

How Much do Penthouse Apartments Cost?

Location, the age of the building, the amenities offered, and several other factors can affect how much it costs to rent a penthouse. In fact, while the highest-end penthouse apartment in places like Manhattan can go for well over $100,000/month in rent, some Houston penthouses start at around $5,000 to $6,000/month.

Still, as a good rule of thumb, you can typically expect the penthouse to cost roughly 5 to 15% more per square foot than the average apartment home in the same community.

When Should I Rent a Penthouse Apartment?

The penthouse isn’t for everyone, but you’re probably going to want to rent a penthouse apartment whenever:

  • You want the most space possible: Whether they sit atop a high rise or they’re set apart from other units, the penthouse is almost always the most spacious rental available in apartment communities that have them. And that extra space can be in and/or outside of the unit. Many penthouses in luxury high-rise apartment buildings, for example, take up the entire top floor while also offering more balcony or terrace space than standard, lower-level units.

  • You want ALL the extras: Beyond space, penthouse apartments tend to come with additional amenities that other renters in the same community just won’t have access to. Those penthouse-exclusive amenities can vary widely and include things like (but not limited to) private entrances, private elevators, concierge service, private gyms, additional security, and more. Some even offer private rooftop pools and/or hot tubs.

  • You want more privacy or security: However the penthouse is situated, it generally has the most privacy and security out of any unit in an apartment community. Traditionally, that has meant top-floor penthouses, with no neighbors above or to the sides (and with great views). Today, some penthouses are simply set apart from standard units in a way that offers more space, security, and privacy.

  • You want prestige: Renting a penthouse can bring certain status and prestige that just doesn’t come with renting a standard apartment. When you enjoy the finer things in life and you want your living space to truly reflect that, a penthouse apartment can be the ideal rental option for you.

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