Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston Ranked Top Cities to Live in 2023

Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston aren’t just some of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. — they’re also among the top 100 cities to live across the nation in 2023.

That’s according to the latest rankings, which were based on several factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Quality of life
  • The job markets
  • Living expenses
  • Average income
  • Desirability

After analyzing those and other factors, researchers concluded that in 2023:

  • Austin will be the 13th best city to live in across the U.S.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth will be the 32nd best place to live nationwide.

  • Houston will be the 58th best metro to call home.

Here’s why.

Living in Austin, TX, in 2023

If you live in, work in, or just enjoy visiting Austin, TX, you know why it’s been ranked as one the best cities to live in (and you likely love it just as much as the next Austinite). The truth is that, along with its hip music scene, the trendy restaurants and nightlight, and its generally cool aura, Austin also is also known for:

  • Being home to the headquarters of several major corporations, across a variety of industries: Dell, Whole Foods, General Motors, Charles Schwab, and Yeti are just a handful of the many companies that have rooted their headquarters in Austin, TX. That’s been a boon for the local economy, as well as job opportunities.

  • Having several highly rated schools: Along with elite elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, Austin is also home to a handful of well-regarded colleges and universities.

  • Having a lower crime rate: When compared to the national average, as well as similarly sized metros, Austin has less crime.

Living in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, in 2023

Cosmopolitan and quaint, Dallas-Fort Worth (DTF) harmonizes big-city thrills and features with small-town charm and hospitality. That’s one reason why it’s the 32nd best city to live in 2023, some researchers say, and it’s definitely not the only one. Some other reasons that the DTF sits among the top 50 places to call home include its:

  • Several thriving industries: From oil and gas to communications, health care, finance, aerospace, and more, several major companies operate out of Dallas-Fort Worth, offering an array of job opportunities. The DTF is also home to many startups. The combination of those factors, with others, has bolstered the local economy, making Dallas-Fort Worth a great place to earn a living, operate a company, or start a new business, some experts say.

  • Top-rated schools: Like Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth has several great schools for students of every age. Unlike Austin, however, the DTF has more than 250 high schools — as well as a handful of colleges and universities — that have been ranked among the best in the nation.

  • Affordable cost of living: When compared to metros of a similar size, Dallas-Fort Worth has affordable housing and living costs while still offering average incomes that are on par with or higher than the national average earnings. That’s opened up plenty of opportunities for Dallas-Fort Worth residents to enjoy a nice quality of life.


Growing in both size and prestige, Houston landed in the top 100 best cities to live in 2023, standing out for its desirability, affordability, quality of life, and job market, among other things. Specifically, some of Houston’s stand-out qualities include its:

  • Booming industry: In addition to being a hub for the oil and gas industry, Houston is also a central location for the aerospace industry, the healthcare industry, and more. That’s been behind some exciting growth and career opportunities in Houston over the last couple of decades —and some analysts say that will continue through 2023 and beyond.

  • Diverse, welcoming atmosphere: From singles and students to families and retirees, folks from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds love Houston and call it home. While that diversity has been central to Houston’s uniquely rich culture, part of that culture is also built on an inviting, friendly vibe. All of that can make Houston a great place to live, no matter what you do or where you’ve lived before.

  • Affordability and quality of life: Generally considered to be more affordable than Dallas and other metros, Houston has become a big draw in recent years, with many people moving to the Greater Houston area to explore new career opportunities, new cultures, and better overall quality of life.

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