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Upscale rentals can be incredibly diverse, with different layouts, custom designs, and uniquely sophisticated styling. In fact, throughout Texas, you can find all sorts of luxury apartments, with a variety of floor plans and options to suit practically any need.

To help you figure out where to start and which options may be best to tour first, here’s a breakdown of the different types of luxury apartment floor plans.

5 Types of Luxury Apartment Layouts & Floor Plans

The following are some of the most popular floor plans for upscale rentals in Texas. Keep in mind that many modern luxury apartment communities will put their own distinct twists on these traditional favorites.

Apartment Floor Plans & Layouts

1. Studio Luxury Apartments

With open floor plans and nearly everything visible from the door, studios are generally one-room rentals that combine the living and sleeping. In an upscale apartment community, studios can come with some enviable extras, from more spacious layouts and alcoves to large windows, privacy partitions (to create the illusion of walls), and more.

Best Suited for: Individual renters or couples who don’t need or want a lot of extra space, renters who may want to live in luxury on a budget, and/or those who are not home often

2.  Lofts

Similar to luxury studios, high-end lofts typically have open floor plans, with everything located in a single room without any dividing walls. The difference is that lofts are generally bigger than studios and that luxury lofts tend to have features like (but not limited to):

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Exposed brick
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

Keep in mind that these features are not exclusive to lofts and that some lofts may be equipped without some (or all) of these specific elements. 

Best Suited for: Renters who want an airier, more open space, as well as those who enjoy a lot of natural light, picturesque views, and/or the old-world charm that characterizes many lofts

3. Garden Apartments

Generally, on the first floor, garden apartments tend to come with private outdoor space on the ground level. While some garden apartments may have private entrances and fenced-in patio areas, others come have covered parking or even attached garages.

Best Suited for: Renters who enjoy gardening, pet owners, and/or those who want some private, ground-level space outside

4. Luxury Split-Bedroom Apartments

Often available in two and three bedrooms, the split-bedroom rental describes a floor plan centered around a shared living space and with bedrooms off of both sides of that living space. This layout can be ideal for providing space, separate living areas, and plenty of storage when two or more people live in the same upscale apartment home.

Best Suited for: Roommates who want separate living quarters, parents with one child or a few children, single renters who work from home, and those who want extra space for guests or storage

5. Penthouse Luxury Apartments

Though not technically a “layout” or “floor plan” per se, the penthouse deserves a shoutout because it’s a distinct offering in the high-end rental space that delivers features and living experiences unlike any other.

As the chicest and priciest rentals in high-rises and apartment communities, penthouse apartments also tend to be the biggest, most luxurious rentals.

While features for penthouses can vary widely, it’s not uncommon for penthouses in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and beyond to come with mind-blowing amenities, like private entrances, valet parking, valet dry cleaning, dog walking services, and so much more.

Best Suited for: Renters who want the ultimate luxury and the most exclusive amenities that an apartment community has to offer

What Ultra-Luxury Apartment Floor Plan Is Right for Me? 5 Questions to Ask

Still not sure what layout may be best for your next upscale rental? Ask yourself the following questions to start getting a clearer picture of what you may need in your next apartment home.

  1. What’s my budget or target rent price?
  2. Do I need a home office, a guest room, or another room for a roommate?
  3. Will I have any issues riding an elevator or taking the stairs to get to my apartment every day?
  4. Is my apartment going to be my home base or just a short pitstop in between my busy travels?
  5. What kind of amenities, features, and extras do I want in my next apartment home?

You don’t have to answer those questions alone. Talk to an experienced apartment locator to get some valuable help with the next steps, and set yourself for a cash reward when you find your perfect place.

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