Your Luxury Apartment Tour Guide

Here’s How to Make the Most of Any Upscale Rental Viewing

Luxury apartment tours let you explore different rental options, so you can ask questions and get the info you need to decide if a particular community is right for you. That can make high-end rental tours somewhat high-pressure situations — you need to check everything out and get eyes on all of the key details, so:

  • You know what you could really be getting into.
  • You can verify that a particular option truly has what you need.
  • There are no surprises after you sign the lease and move in.

To help you take full advantage of any luxury apartment tour, this guide shares insightful answers about: 

Luxury Apartment Tour Guide & Tips
  1. When to Book Luxury Apartment Tours
  2. How to Book Luxury Apartment Tours
  3. Do I Need to Tour Rentals in Person After 3D Luxury Apartment Tours?
  4. Luxury Apartment Tours: What to Look for
  5. Upscale Rental Tours: 10 Questions to Ask
  6. The Easy Way to Book Tours & Find Luxury Apartments in Texas

When to Book Luxury Apartment Tours

The best time to schedule tours for high-end rentals will be:

  • After you’ve done some initial research: Check out websites, reviews, photos, and even luxury apartment 3D tours before you show up in person. This due diligence can take as little as 10 minutes, and it can end up saving you a lot of time whenever there are deal-breakers in the mix (like certain restrictions on pets).

  • During the day: Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, scheduling a daytime tour of an ultra-upscale rental lets you see the natural light and tour the community amenities when they’re more likely to be in use.

If you like what you see on a luxury apartment tour, scheduling a follow-up visit is a smart move,. This can be your opportunity to take a deeper look and see past the wow factors that caught your eye during a first visit.

How to Book Luxury Apartment Tours

Don’t expect to show up to upscale rentals in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Dallas and get a tour on the spot. While some communities and leasing agents may be open to providing walk-in luxury apartment tours, others are not. So, instead of popping in on the fly, here’s what you can do to book a luxury apartment tour a little bit in advance (even later on the same day):

  1. Try to book online: Some ultra-upscale rentals have online calendars and/or email inquiry forms for scheduling tours. If you go this route, keep an eye out for a confirmation email to verify your tour appointment.

  2. Call the leasing office or apartment manager: This can be a good option during standard business hours, meaning Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Many leasing offices are also open over the weekends and during evening hours. If you have a more immediate need to tour a rental or there’s a super high demand in the area, this can be a better option than the one above.

  3. Talk to your apartment locator: If you’re working with an experienced apartment locator, share your tour needs with them, and they’ll take care of the rest. Once your tour is booked, your apartment locator will send over details, including the day, date, and time of the tour and who will be meeting you to guide you through the tour and answer your questions. This can be the most efficient way to book one or several luxury apartment tours, especially if you’re new to an area.

Do I Need to Tour Rentals in Person After 3D Luxury Apartment Tours?

Yes, if you can visit a luxury apartment community that catches your eye in person, you should. That’s because 3D luxury apartment tours will NOT

  • Show water pressure.
  • Turn on lights and appliances.
  • Convey smell.
  • Let you try out the locks.
  • Answer your questions.

That’s why top apartment locators recommend that you: 

  1. Use 3D luxury apartment tours as preliminary research to scope out places you’d like to see in person. 

  2. Follow up 3D apartment tours with in-person tours. 

Of course, you may not be able to visit in person if you’re relocating from out of state. In cases like these, working with experienced apartment locators can be your best option for finding the right rentals in the right timeframe, at the right price, and in the right area.

Luxury Apartment Tours: What to Look for

Walking through pristine high-end rentals can be fun, but it’s also your time to be a little critical and carefully look at several items, features, and amenities, including:

  • Interior finishes and features: Appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring can lend a sophisticated, contemporary, and chic feel to a luxury apartment. They should also make you feel at home.

  • Flow and floor plans: Many ultra-upscale apartments offer a variety of floor plans. So, be sure to check out each option to get a better sense of flow, natural light, and the different available spaces.

  • Community amenities: Pools, spas, gyms, outdoor kitchens, rooftop lounges, and parking facilities are just some community amenities to view a luxury apartment tour. Along with those, be sure to visit service desks or areas for service-related amenities, like concierge services, pet walking, and/or valet dry cleaning.

  • Parking and security: Look at the parking facilities to see what type of enclosures, access controls, and security systems are in place. Also, check out the layout of the parking structure and its proximity to the entrance you would need to use if you lived there.

  • Storage: Open up and inspect closets, cabinets, and any extra storage that may come with high-end rentals.

  • Location: Look at walkability and commuting. How close or far are nearby restaurants, grocery stores, or shops? How far would you need to commute to get to work, school, friends, or family? Location can mean more time saved or spent traveling, so that’s going to be just as important as amenities. 

  • Views: Will you get nice views of Downtown areas, landscapes, sunrises, or sunsets? Or will you be facing some less savory views from a particular community or unit? Views can be an important backdrop to life in an upscale rental, so don’t forget to consider them as well.

  • Bring a friend or family member who can be your backup eyes on the above features and more.

  • Take pictures and/or videos of standout features or areas, so you can double or triple check them later, like after you’ve seen another couple of rentals.

Upscale Rental Tours: 10 Questions to Ask

Touring high-end apartments is the ideal time to ask questions and get immediate answers right from the source. To make sure you don’t forget to ask anything, write your questions ahead of time, starting with these: 

Luxury Apartment Tour Questions
  1. What leasing terms are available?
  2. How often is rent raised and when was the last time rents went up?
  3. Does rent include utilities, water, internet, and trash?
  4. What is the pet policy?
  5. How does maintenance work?
  6. What would my neighbors be like?
  7. Where do guests park?
  8. What types of move-in deals are currently available?
  9. What do you need for the rental application and fee?
  10. How can I get ahold of you to ask more questions if I need to? 

Experienced apartment locators can help get these and other answers before you take a tour, so you can just focus on looking at an apartment and feeling out whether it’ll be a great fit for you.

The Easy Way to Book Tours & Find Luxury Apartments in Texas

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